Who does it belong to?


“Who Does This Belong To?”

is a tool that allows you to clear your head…

When you meditate or try and stop mind chatter, does your life get easier?

Or does your head fill with even more thoughts?

Do you realize how aware you are of the world around you?

What if your mind has been full of other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions? What if you could just let them go? Would that make your life easier?

98% of your thoughts, feelings and emotions do not belong to you! They belong to everyone else, but what you are aware of often feels just like you – even if it’s not.

This App explains this dynamic tool from Access Consciousness®, shows you how to apply it, and allows you to set reminders to use the tool consistently for however long you like!

Choice creates awareness. What would you like to choose?


Van wie is dit?

Dit is één van de belangrijkste tools in Access.

Het is een tool om je hoofd leeg te maken.

Wist je dat je meer helderziende capaciteiten hebt, dan dat je zelf beseft.

Wat als je hoofd vol met gedachten, gevoelens en emoties van anderen zit?

Wat als je deze gewoon kan laten gaan?

Zou dat je leven gemakkelijker maken?

98% van jou gedachten, gevoelen en emoties zijn niet van jou. Zelfs 99 % is niet van jou.



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